Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

Posted by Thirmizi Samsoodeen on January 11th, 2017

A new year brings more opportunities for digital marketers to drive demand and increase their conversions. With new advancements in marketing technology, 2017 will see better engaging digital experiences. Below, and in no particular order, are the top 5 2017 digital marketing trends.

1. Facebook will become more relevant for businesses and B2B marketing

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform boasting more than 1.79 billion monthly users. They will continue to create more opportunities for businesses to profit from their platform. Facebook ads surpass Google ads in value, mainly due to their powerful and effective ad targeting features that Adwords can’t match.

Side Note! This past year, Twitter has announced their repositioning: Twitter is no longer a social network – Twitter is a news product. They are now focused on being the world’s go-to source for breaking news. This means that there will be less emphasis on marketing features and reduced opportunities to leverage Twitter for lead generation. Save your marketing spend for other social platforms.

2. Live video streaming will fully take off

With the introduction of Facebook live and Instagram live, social media users are starting to demand more in-the-moment content. Faster internet and the fact that everyone now has smartphones has made live video a trending factor on its own. Even the first Presidential debate was streamed live, with millions of viewers tuning in. Live video has been trending upward for the last few years, but 2017 will be the year when it fully takes off.

3. Dense content will become less essential to cut through the content noise

As technology progresses, we’re going to grow more impatient and demanding. Already our attention spans have fallen low. Endless content from almost every brand and individual we follow have forced us to filter out a majority of messages. We skim articles, skim posts, and share articles after only reading the headline. More marketers will learn that dense, straight to the point, content is key.

4. Social and third party validation will become more important

With so much content being created daily, anybody can say anything they want. Consumers want authentic and objective viewpoints, which means reviews by credible third party sources will be beneficial to businesses. Influencer marketing has picked up a lot of momentum in the past year and will only continue to grow in 2017. Partnering up with key influencers who can drive your brand’s key messages to their networks will be rewarding in 2017.

5. Video content will increase

Videos were huge in 2016 and it is just the beginning of what’s to come in 2017. Video content doesn’t have to be expensive; create short, snappy, and subtitled content, with a targeted CTA. If you haven’t already experimented with video, make sure you find a way to include it in your 2017 digital marketing strategy.

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