Utilizing Email Automation for Your Marketing Program

Posted by Surround Integrated on January 25th, 2017


Email marketing is a key component to any successful integrated marketing strategy. When used correctly, email automation is an amazing tool to nurture and inform existing clients and to develop leads; ultimately a key component to growing your business.

MailChimp is a cost effective, efficient tool ’s email automation program allows you to customize your email campaign to truly reap the benefits of your lead list. As your business grows, it becomes more difficult to give each client the same quality of attention you once gave them. Through a simple email, your client can still feel as though you are maintaining the relationship just as it was at the start and new clients will appreciate the personalized and quick communication.

Email Automation opens up a wealth of Possibilities

email marketing email automation program benefits

Many of the email automation programs that exist today, allow the business to have well-composed emails without a fancy designer or being technical savvy. You can achieve this through preset template options and easy to use email editing tools such as drag and drop functions.

One of the most attractive features of automation is its ability to reduce the amount of manual time spent while still providing your customer with effective content. Once you have determined what the goal of your email automation flow is you will be able to craft the content and design of each corresponding email to fit this campaign, just once, and schedule it all in advance. Once the automation is launched, the triggers and actions you have set out will be facilitated all through the platform automatically.

There is an automation solution for all companies! Whether you are an ecommerce business or within the service sector, MailChimp has your automation answer! MailChimp’s email automation will easily sync to your ecommerce store, allowing you to capture order information, abandoned carts, and shopping behaviour. This data is crucial to many companies as it allows you to further market to your customers through past purchase history campaign activity. Your email list will thank you!

Tweak your Automation Settings to get the most out of your Audience

tweaking your email automation settings for your desired customer

However, it does not need to be as intricate as an ecommerce, multi-level automation (no matter how incredibly fun it is!), an automation can be as simple as sending a welcome email or confirmation notice. You can connect instantly with any user who has filled out a form on your website. Once a user’s email and information enters your database, an email automation campaign can be triggered to immediately send them a welcome note. Haven’t heard from that very same client in a week? No worries! Your email automation campaign can trigger yet another email based on the campaign and users activity. The possibilities here are truly endless.

With email automation, the reporting speaks for itself. As you begin to dive deeper into the world of email automation, you will begin to develop a richer appetite for each report and the insights that it brings. This reporting data may lead to further a/b tests and further knowledge into what language and campaigns customers respond to best.

Email automation allows you to give your customers more – more personalization, more communication, and more opportunities to enjoy your brand! When it comes to creating a truly effective email automation campaign, Surround is here lead the way.