Exciting times at Surround - shameless self promotion

Posted by Surround Integrated on March 13th, 2014

Sparking response in a crowded digital marketing landscape is vital to elevating brands over the noise and creating real engagement. Overwhelmed by digital chaos and competition, companies are turning to Surround Digital Marketing Agency to capture prime digital space, and to build Brand fans that act, react, and interact.

Surround, a young digital marketing services agency, embraces the philosophy of digital brand engagement – they create persuasive experiences that build sustainable, meaningful relationships between brands and their audience.

In a mere two years, the Oakville-based marketing agency has climbed the industry. Born digital, Surround is bending brains and capturing fresh business by re-imagining innovative digital platforms and partnerships that boost brands and the bottom line.

The ability to see things differently drives Surround to do things differently, and this sets the agency apart in lifting brands and relevance in dramatic, measurable ways. “Surround is winning Brands and work at an unprecedented rate,” says Surround co-founder Geoff Whitlock. “The way we communicate with the client, the relationships we create, the way we connect the work to the client need has earned a 97% client retention rate since we opened two years ago.”

Companies are moving from their existing agencies and to seek out Surround to support their integrated marketing needs. Well-known client partners include 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Rubbermaid, Lavazza Coffee, Skylon Tower, and Teriyaki Experience. In addition, Whitlock’s former clients at LifeCapture Interactive, a digital powerhouse he sold with his partners, have followed him to his latest venture to continue partnerships that realize tangible results and revenue.

“We are good at building relationships, and our partnership strategy is what delivers real value to our clients,” says Whitlock, a thought leader and former Global Director of Social Media at BlackBerry. His multidisciplinary marketing agency provides a client-centred approach that’s custom-built to meet each company’s individual goal, and ultimately turns visitors into evangelists who bring along others to the brand altar.

Surround sees the digital marketing arena as an adventure with no limitations, and takes clients and audiences along for a great ride with a fast turnaround. According to Whitlock, “clients who work with us have one throat to choke – not multiple disconnected partners.” Core services are not outsourced at Surround: all core expertise is in-house so business and strategies are aligned, managed and measured across multiple channels.

Their growing in-house team is made up of inventors, creators and social narrators that embody Surround’s brand values – creativity, honesty, accountability, and hard work. The eclectic mix lives and breathes integrated marketing; they’re perpetual seekers of culture, design and technology. They totally get each brand and are committed to maintaining healthy, happy client relationships.

No fly-by-night fix, clients are surrounded by dedication and commitment “We are a long-term partner. We succeed when clients succeed,” says Whitlock, who wants to grow globally with global brands. He’s done it before with LifeCapture, and his successful brand building at Surround indicates he’ll do it again. “We’re measured by the results we achieve, and those results speak for themselves.”