Tracking Results and Accountability

It's all well and good to spend your marketing money and hope your plan is working. We can't and don't stop there. We need to know what's happening, why and what we are getting from it.

Nobody needs a weak link in their plan; your strategy can not be written in stone. In the new marketing, you need to be adaptable and quick to respond. When your media is not working, move the money. If your creative is weak, rethink it. If your social media plan is not getting you anywhere, rethink it.

We can show you how things are working while they are working. Your marketing spend is like a beating heart - it needs the right nourishment and upkeep to stay healthy. At Surround, we do daily health checks and on-demand optimizations; our exclusive measurement process helps us identify weak areas and make adjustments in real time.

These days you can measure anything and everything.

The trick is not in the measurement, it's in collecting the data that means something to you and to your business. When you integrate your marketing, you integrate your reporting as well. Your investment in marketing is reported on regularly and accurately so you can make smart decisions, quickly.

You should know what people are saying, how they react to your product or service and what you can do about it.

Reputation Reporting is Hitting the Mainstream

You should know what people are saying, how they react to your product or service and what you can do about it. Nothing means more than your reputation in market. The simplest things can enhance or destroy it. We can introduce you to simple, free tools that can keep your online reputation streaming to your inbox at any frequency you wish. Keeping tabs on this is part of the new marketing. Get used to it.

Awareness Metrics Integration

In the days of Google Ads, Facebook Pages, and Website conversion rates, Direct Marketing has taken a front seat in most businesses and many have near-forgotten about the importance of being seen, known and part of the community. At Surround we can integrate Awareness Metrics with more direct marketing metrics to get a bigger picture of your marketing successes and opportunities. Are you well known in your market? Do your customers sing your praises and tell their friends about you? How do you qualify this? Does it matter to you? Together, we will outline what matters and keep it top of mind.

Marketing Conversion Metrics

Each of your marketing activities has a desired outcome. At Surround we ensure that all channels are aligned in creative, execution, and reporting so all of your key conversion metrics are in one place - one intuitive dashboard that enables quick and accurate decisions. Are you tracking the success of your customer service team? Is your website learning how to sell your services better? Have you listened into your sales calls? Do you know who your audience is and how they like to interact with you? These key metrics and any others that matter to you will be central to our work and our long-term partnership.

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