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Content Marketing only works if someone else cares. Does your content tie into your overall marketing plan? Does it help you get Search Rank? Social Media Engagement?

When you think content marketing, there are so many variables it's easy to lose track of its connection to your audience and to the overall marketing plan. It's not as simple as shooting a video or writing an article. Can you connect your content to your search engine results and social media engagement? Can you measure its success?

See the Red Bull Crashed Ice video to the right. It was shot for Skylon Tower in November 2012 with a specific purpose - to gain exposure for the Skylon as a global monument. The video has gained over 50,000 organic views across it's versions and continues to get air time every time Red Bull does another Crashed Ice event.

Marketing has evolved. Today your content must have meaning to gain the attention of humans and robots.

Pre-2013, Content Marketing was getting a really bad name. Super spammers and spinners were churning out computer cobbled articles by the thousands and using them to trick Google and others into listing those they link to higher in search. No longer! Google and the internet at large revolted and updated the way they do things so that only the best and most relevant content is listed.

Today is about relevance and connection to your audience. You must take this concept very seriously or be stricken from search like thousands of others who let it slide by without notice.

Great content is central to your success in today's market.

Graphic Design mixed with a good idea and some cool data can go a long way to driving results for your business

Infographics and illustrated ideas can become central to your Content Marketing Strategy. Look over your company ideas and archives. Do you have any proprietary data or business processes? What interests your customers? By asking these questions you can open a host of opportunities for great designers to visualize your company like you never thought possible.

Take a look a the info graphic to the right; a simple idea that is central to our clients' success online.

Video is the #1 consumed content on the internet and in daily life through TV and movies. Video needs to be in your toolkit.

We love shooting commercials, and it's more necessary than ever to have this as part of your marketing tools. You can shoot quick, funny, simple videos or you can make more involved and elaborate productions.

We have worked with our clients to develop Crowd Funding Videos, TV Shows, Commercials, Industrial Videos, Comic Videos, Testimonials, Product Demonstrations, and many more. We look forward to hearing about your video requirements and to visualizing them with you. Let's make something great.

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