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Marketing has evolved to the point where almost every marketing channel and its content are developed, scheduled and controlled through digital tools and technologies.

Digital marketing started out with simple search engine listings and banner ads. Today, digital marketing has a whole new meaning. It is powering a revolution, financing the largest innovators in the world and driving progress forward. The neatest thing about it is that some of your ad dollars go to fund the coolest projects the world has ever seen. It's nice to know that your part of it, no?

Digital marketing is vast, and getting bigger. Making decisions here can be hard if you're not familiar with the space. Surround helps simplify your digital marketing activities and align them to the other marketing channels in your plan. Do you have digital marketing aligned to your business?

When you integrate your digital activities with your other programs and tactics, you will get more from your marketing.

In 2016 and beyond you have many web properties to look after. Are your online properties in tip-top shape?

On today's internet, you can control as many web properties as you want - and the best part is they are mostly free. Google+, Facebook, Twitter and 1000's more; it never ends.

It's not best to have too many properties and profiles online if you are not prepared to keep them active and get value from them. It's best to focus on a few core properties that allow you to achieve your business goals. You can open others when you're ready.

Are your web properties at their best?

Search Engines and Maps are the centre of the internet. Plain and simple, it's how people find the stuff they want.

The old days of search engine optimization are long gone. Now, the best destination wins the rank. When you know how to make an online destination valuable to search engines, you have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

At Surround, we help you make your online destination more valuable by contributing the right content to the right places online and stitching them all together. We have a bit of a secret sauce that seems to please both humans and robots. Can you find your business in search engines and maps online? How about on your mobile?

Email Marketing is still going strong, but new legislation in Canada will restrict the way you use it. Are you ready for CASL?

Email is evolving, but it is still central to your marketing and customer communications strategy. Your business should have a well-oiled email marketing plan, flush with content calendars, different templates, automated list management and detailed reports. If you don't have this, you're missing out.

In July 2014, the Canadian Government introduced CASL: a new anti-spam legislation that will put the brakes on misuse of email for marketing and solicitation.

Social Media Marketing is a key part of your digital marketing program. How are you using social media?

Social Media can be used for much more than marketing, that's for sure. When used correctly it can be a great place to talk with your customers and engage them like never before. That's both the excitement and the challenge. How do you engage people in social media? What do they want to see? Read? Hear? What do you need to do to keep them interested and keep them sharing?

We work with you to plan content that will connect to your social media audiences We help align your content with your audiences and the goals of your business overall. If needed, we will help you become a social business and help build social media into your corporate culture. It's here to stay, best get on the train.

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