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The News Media are Social. Public Relations has branched into Social Media Relations. Your business needs to communicate with the news media, bloggers and regular internet users.

Bloggers and internet users alike leave a trail of Brand messaging behind as they use the internet. Do you see the value of the individual in your business?

The age of Individual as Medium is upon us. As entrepreneurs, marketers and strategic thinkers we need to understand and respect the individual in the same way we do traditional news media channels. Surround understands relationships across social media and news media. Not to worry; we still follow tried and true traditional methods and media relations. Nothing beats a great unveiling.

PR is not gone, or even fading. It's getting better.

Social Listening can open many doors for your business. One tweet can change the way you do business.

Social Listening was a huge trend from 2008 to 2013, but its cool is slowly fading as these tools become more central to Public Relations and to business overall. Listening into social conversations is one thing; responding to them or getting involved is something completely different. It's important to plan your Reputation Management requirements before engaging with others in social places. One Tweet can change your business forever.

Blogger Outreach is important in today's marketing programs. Maintaining great relationships with Bloggers and other publishers will help you earn valuable media impressions.

Surround stays close with many online publishers. Bloggers, news media, video producers, contributing writers and many more titles. These relationships help us disseminate client messages throughout the internet into places where traditional readers are very likely to see and connect to your message.

Not all bloggers are right for you, and you need to be careful. Bloggers are people too; you need to respect and target them properly so their content is a benefit to your business. Blogger Relations is a large part of media relations in 2015 and beyond.

Media Relations is a much wider discussion than it was in the past. In the age of Individual as Medium, the news media are everywhere.

At Surround, we will work with you to identify the right news media for your product, service, mission or opportunity. Your business is unique; that's why no Media Relations program is alike. At Surround we plan with you and produce all required content, events, outreach and information required to get you the attention you deserve.

Is your business still using traditional PR exclusively? Have you tried to engage social media users, bloggers and other content producers online? Are you managing your reputation and engaging in social media as a key communications vehicle? So many questions - let's meet and review them together.

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