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In today's market, your audience is more fragmented than ever. Surround is highly tuned and helps our clients target the audiences who will engage with them and add to the bottom line.

Marketing integration goes beyond media placement and message alignment; although these are key, they are not enough.

How do your sponsorship and community service efforts impact your search engine rankings and social media sentiment? Do your radio ads drive traffic to a poorly operating website or customer service phone line?

Integrated marketing has moved beyond digital and traditional. When we work with you to bring it all together everyone wins, everything is tighter and relationships last longer.

Marketing Integration will help you make better decisions and get better results.

Targeting your audience online and offline is central to a strong, localized branding or direct marketing strategy. At Surround, we have the tools and expertise to perfectly align your marketing to your target audience wherever they are.

We play in urban spaces, the media, in the home, on the mobile phone, on the laptop, tablet, in the car, and almost anywhere else where we can properly target the lovely people who want to buy from you. Once we have the target nailed, everything goes together, speaks together, and informs the outcome of your program.

When working with Surround you have one throat to choke. One team, one point of contact. Cleaner, easier, friendlier.
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