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When you buy media, do you default to the simple stuff? Radio, Google Ads, Direct Mail? Simple is great, but integrated simple is better.

Some agencies buy digital, some buy traditional, some buy both. At Surround, we buy what you need to succeed. Working together we plan your marketing strategy and paid media vehicles to get the most for you. We are media agnostic as long as it’s getting you the results you need.

There are so many vehicles to choose from and so many media mistakes to avoid. We use our partnerships and buying power to ensure you have the right visibly and channel that truly aligns to your goals.

Paid Media is planned and bought with the intent of earning media through online and mobile interaction. Your media will go much further, leaving you with ongoing awareness long after the initial investment is complete.

What happens when you take targeted Direct Mail, Radio, and YouTube Video Ads and mix them all together?

When we discuss integration, we take alignment very seriously. Your message will be targeted across media vehicles and marketing services rather than segmenting into multiple companies who rarely communicate effectively. Your Surround Media Planner will work with you to develop the right plan and work with all vendors on your behalf to ensure your ads are placed and your marketing tactics are active and aligned to your goals.

Direct Mail Still Rules: you can argue all you want and come up with all the stats you want. Fact is, it works.

Direct Mail is a relic - we will be the first ones to say it. But this relic is still shiny and relevant. When you properly target and message people through their mailbox, they respond. Direct Mail can be as low as $0.01 per home when you advertise in a co-op mail product like Money Saver Magazine. Or as much as $10 per home if you target larger more noticeable mail to a smaller audience like Canada Post did with their Ball Campaign.

At Surround, we love mail. We especially love it when we get to target it with digital media to specific regions; it really takes off when you do it all together.

More people use mobile to search than desktop computers. Billions of apps, sites and tools. Where do you fit?

Mobile Marketing is still in it’s infancy so we are only limited by our imagination when it comes to new, cool ways to use it to help our clients. We tend to stick to tried and true channels where we can guarantee a result and engage people effectively. We partner with Apps and Media groups who can deliver top-notch service and keep our clients in front of the right people wherever they go.

We help our clients implement mobile advertising, text message programs, mobile applications, responsive websites and more.

Social Media Advertising is getting very popular. Facebook brings in over a billion dollars each quarter on their mobile app.

Social media has grown faster than almost any trend in history and the big networks have learned to monetize it for your benefit. You can now target people who will follow your messaging and who give you open permission to keep communicating with them. Social Media opens the opportunity to promote your content and messages into places where they can be shared and enjoyed by friends, and friends of friends, and family and your long lost uncle… it’s never ending.

Great ads and content can take your message much further than other media. A share button can open new worlds of opportunity and introduce you to customers who have never seen your ads or other communications.

These days Google Ads are way more than search results. Have you tried retargeting? Get it while you can.

Google is still the king of digital advertising and you need to be in the middle of it. We are continuously happy with the results it brings clients and with the cool stuff they build with all of the advertising money they bring in.

The facts: We target almost anyone, at any age, any demographic, any location, any time, any day. When they visit your site, we can then show them your ads as they roam other websites on the internet. We can retarget them in Facebook and YouTube and make you almost ubiquitous online with a very limited spend. It’s creepy, powerful stuff and it’s not going anywhere.

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