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Mobile is everything. Today it’s apps, text and directions to the nearest store; tomorrow it’s immeasurable. Life has changed forever and the planet has gotten a lot smaller.

Using your mobile device has become second nature. Just a few short years ago, you couldn’t imagine Facetiming your friends from a beach in Cuba or Snap Chatting funny pictures that disappear in seconds to your high school girlfriend. Mobile communications have become ubiquitous; we are surprised that more businesses do not take part.

Mobile Marketing is more accessible than ever, and your business can take up residence on targeted mobile phones for much less than you may think. If you mix mobile into your marketing you will begin to understand it and apply it to your bottom line.

Mobile Commerce is the now and it’s easier than you may think

You can now make your website collect cash from anyone, on any device. We have spent countless hours working with clients on their mobile commerce solutions and have implemented websites and apps that help clients take advantage of the mobile world. There are many new technologies you can use to go mobile quickly and with limited investment. Shopify is great, Square Space is perfect, or you can build it custom to your needs.

Does your business accept mobile coupons? It’s time, and it is very affordable.

At Surround, we have developed custom mobile coupon technology that allows any business to accept mobile coupons with a limited investment. We have done the work for you, so all you need to do is post your coupons and collect them when people come into your store. Our technology works for one store or multiple stores. Our clients geo-target their coupons and offers to the right audiences and can track the results real time.

When your website is responsive to mobile phones, you open new customer opportunities.

If your website is not mobile, you have an issue. Over 55% of Canada is now using a smart phone to view the internet and they will not be happy when they have to zoom into your site to see their way around. You need to make your site responsive to all screen sizes and ensure that people have the access they need to buy from you or to contact you. Responsive websites are not hard to do, but they are essential to your success online.

Mobile Advertising is becoming mainstream. There are levels of fluency: start simple and work your way up.

You can advertise on mobile phones! You can use simple tools like Facebook, Google and Twitter to advertise in the most popular spaces. We can also go deeper and buy media from new, powerful mobile media networks that push your ads to 1,000’s of other applications and websites on mobile phones. Mobile Ads are still in their infancy, but offer amazing opportunities for businesses to reach a new audience or the same audience in a new space.

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