Creative and Strategy

Creativity and accountability can exist in the same agency. You get amazing thinking, creative and execution with the luxury of understanding and measurement at every stage of our relationship.

Creativity is subjective; no one design or tagline will appeal to everyone. It's not about everyone, it's about your target. By following this maxim we focus on the context and the connection to your audience, delivering exciting creative ideas, copy and designs that will make you stand out.

Taking this as our stimulus, we allow our creative process to flow with the projects and campaigns we are working on. We do not ascribe to a set of rules or obligations - the process needs to be more free than that. We like to think on our feet, brainstorm lots, and execute ideas that make sense.

Marketing without a plan and goals is like jumping from a plane with no parachute. You may survive, but the odds are slim and you will get a lot of bumps and bruises.

Do you know where you're going?
Do you know what success looks like?
Do you know what will get their attention?

At Surround, we have an interesting way to get to the heart of the opportunity. We are plain, frank, and up front about our thoughts; some people love it, others don't like to be told where things can improve. When you plan with us, we take you all in, think with you, for you, about you, around you. We are the brain that challenges the boss and changes the mould.

Do you surround yourself with great thinking and design? At Surround, we are excited to visualize the opportunity with you.

You have found a diverse team of creative thinkers who are always up for the challenge. Our creative group has been built to think cross-channel and to integrate your marketing into a creative system that flows in and out of marketing channels and aligns perfectly to your campaign goals.

At Surround, creative is not the work of one mind, it's the work of a unified team of thinkers and client partners who have a vision to realize. When it gets right down to it, we corral it and bring it all together for you.

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