SEMRush Expert Darian Schouten Speaks to Humber College Business Students

Posted by Rob Campbell on July 26th, 2015

Surround’s strategic media planner, and renown Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tactician Darian Schouten was busy sharing his knowledge with the next generation of web marketers at Humber College in Toronto last Monday July 20th 2015, in the evening; he made the trip north to Hwy 427 and Rexdale Blvd to teach some of his best secrets, and give an inside look at how advertising agencies design and execute internet marketing strategies for S.M.B. and Enterprise level corporate clients.  It was very insightful.

SEM Rush internet marketing competitors research tool

Darian Schouten is an expert on SEMRush software

Darian has a particular passion for SEMRush and so it wasn’t surprising that he chose to focus on Search Engine Marketing and explore SEM tactics as they relate to the multi faceted discipline / science / art  that is internet marketing in the year 2015.  Darian showed students how the agency uses this tool to do keyword research and competitor analysis, using real life examples from among Surround’s extensive roster.  “SEMRush is  great for reporting as you can dial up the history of a company from before they even became clients.” Darian said.  The program requires no download and is subscription-based.

SEMrush Inc. is a company most renown for its keyword research tool set, but also offers outstanding  business intelligence and online competitor analysis software. With a distinctly global approach, the company has offices in the USA, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in St. Petersburg, Russia, which combined employ more than 100 full-time employees. This was especially interesting to at least two students who speak Russian and recently emigrated (by obtaining student visas) to Canada from Russia.

Darian Schouten teaches SEMRush at Humber College 20 July 2015SEMrush offers a variety of metrics to help businesses understand their competition, marketplace needs and industry standards. The agencies use this tool to develop web marketing strategies that will target the hottest trends, and Darian cautioned however that in that exercise, the marketing companies will actually help determine or at least influence the general direction of the business itself, and this can have both positive and negative consequences.

Students enrolled in the Humber Business Department’s Internet Marketing program thoroughly enjoyed the educational show as was evidenced by the variety of hypothetical marketing situations posed to Darian during the question and answer period that followed the presentation. “How could this help me selling my own jewelry in my Etsy store?” was one example, and “Does this collect Data from Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest?’ These are both great questions which Darian expertly handled by showing Etsy stats and rankings and by measuring the strength of Facebook and Twitter social signals on links.

Darian spoke about the relative strengths of good social media marketing as amplified by email marketing and SEM tactics. Buying Google AdWords is good business from many perspectives, esp when you can show a decent return on investment.  The big take-away for students is that the web is still a level playing field where anyone can combine art and science and get rich.