Small Business Tips: What does it take to be the small business start-up that triumphs?

Posted by Kathy Snow on October 29th, 2015

Geoff Whitlock, President & CEO of Surround, shares his entrepreneurial journey from start-up to success with Sun Media journalist, Joanne Richard.   As we’ve all heard in one forum or another, taking on a new business start-up is hard work and the odds are against us with the jaw-dropping stat that nine out of ten start-ups fail –  but it’s not impossible.
“There are necessary parts to a company and you can’t build or activate all parts at once – there’s an order of operations” says Whitlock.

Toronto Sun Geoff Whitlock

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There are several key factors that contribute to the difference between success and failure in the world of starting businesses; however, one of those that often goes unrecognized is the absolute, unequivocal recognition that you are NOT alone despite what it may feel like at times.  As Whitlock knowingly shares “Keep those you love involved and keep communications open, even if you think you’re doing it alone, you’re wrong”.

There are a lot of factors to consider just to get your small business started and running but as any entrepreneur will tell you, it doesn’t stop there.  Growing and scaling your business brings a whole other set of do’s and don’ts such as the risk of growing too fast.