Surround Gives Back

Posted by Surround Integrated on August 28th, 2015

halton womens center logoThe Halton Women’s Centre  in Oakville is dedicated to supporting women in crisis, distress or transition by providing programs and services to effect positive change.  It was established in 1989 by a group of women who identified the need for a safe place within the community where women who had experienced abuse could receive after-care, support and ongoing services.  

They provide an environment of emotional and physical safety to foster a sense of empowerment and all women are welcome.  

When Surround Integrated Marketing found themselves with 2 Mac Computers that were no longer needed, it was Martha and her team at the Halton Women’s Centre that Surround chose to reach out to.

“Being a company with its head office in Oakville, we’ve always been strong supporters of our community and we knew someone could use and benefit from the computers, it seemed natural to get in touch with The Halton Women’s Centre and we’re thrilled they can put them to good use” said Kathy Snow.

When Surround called Martha at the Centre, she was more than appreciative and in fact explained like many non-profit organizations, they rely heavily on volunteers and donations so picking up the phone this time was not only gratifying, but very much needed.

halton womens centerToday was the day.  Two Surround team members went to visit the Centre and dropped the computers off.  It was not only great to be giving back to the community but wonderful to meet some of the volunteers and listen to them talk about what they do so passionately.

From the entire team at Surround Integrated Marketing to the team at The Halton Women’s Centre –  We appreciate you and what you do for our community.

Please remember that if you or any woman you know is in crisis, they can call the Centre at: 905-847-5520.