The Top 3 Things I Learned at the Google Sales Specialist Training in Toronto

Posted by Max Chan on March 28th, 2016

Surround has been working with Google under the Google Partners Agency program for a year and it has been an amazing experience collaborating with some of Google’s top talent.  In addition to providing relevant market information, they have sponsored Surround’s digital marketing contests and have held training webinars exclusively for our sales reps. I was recently invited to attend their Google Sales Specialist Training and was happy to make the trip. Google Partners Logo

They had an experienced sales training company host the event and teach us how to combine our digital and Google advertising know-how into a sales presentation that is easy to relate to and proven to translate into success for potential businesses we are attracting.

Below are the top 3  things I learned that I can utilize in my own sales presentation and help our reps selling digital become better prepared, organized and educated. 

1. Position Yourself as a Digital Media Advisor

A lot of small to medium sized businesses we bring into Surround initially don’t have experience in the digital space and state the main reason for that being they just don’t understand digital marketing and how it can benefit their business.   Some think simply having a website is good enough; however,  with the ever evolving digital space, Canadian businesses need to adapt and be found where consumers are looking, online. By positioning yourself as a Trusted Digital Media Advisor where the presentation is more focused on the education and helping them understand where their money goes compared to product pitching, it results in improved trust leading to happier clients and increased retention.

2.  The Agenda Statement

The first few minutes of a presentation sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. The training recommends having an agenda statement that you use for all your sales presentations and is highlighted below.

  • Thanks: Thank the client/prospect for taking the time to meet with you
  • Purpose: Explain and remind them of the purpose of the meeting and what’s in it for them
  • Outline: Outline a few topics that will be discussed in today’s meeting
  • Input: Get input and buy in from the client/prospect to make sure you are headed in the right direction
  • Transition: Transition to your presentation and start explaining how you can help them


3. Sharing a Relevant Example

Always have case studies and examples in your presentation.  It’s a great way to build credibility with your prospect/client. It shows that you are experienced and know how to deliver results. Follow the 3 step process below to effectively share a case study or example of your work:      Google Seminar

  • Situation  
    • Describe the current situation/problem that one of your clients were currently facing and wanted to hire a company to solve it.
  • Approach
    • What was the strategy and tactics to help solve the situation/problem that was being faced.
  • Outcome
    • The results of the approach and what came out of it in terms of strengthening the client relationship and moving on to bigger projects with the client.


Overall, it was a great learning experience with actionable steps to implement right away.   Without question, I will be registering for the next session.