AVEDA Canada

Keeping pace with a global Brand like AVEDA is exciting, and launching their flagship products in Canada is an honour.

AVEDA Canada has been working with Surround for over a year with some great successes and learning along the way. Together we have revamped their email marketing, social media advertising, product-specific web portals, Facebook applications, targeted local marketing, and mobile marketing.

People went crazy for Invati all across Canada

When we launched Invati.ca and our integrated digital marketing program we expected to get great results; we underestimated. Over a 45-day period, Invati.ca captured more than 100,000 visitors and over 13,000 new potential customers registered for AVEDA Canada.

When developing this program, we needed to take into account the diverse network of Salons serviced by AVEDA. We consulted on and developed training support materials, detailed budgets and execution plans and the framework for future product launches. We successfully targeted the customer, gave them incentive and drove them into salons across the country.

Integration of digital channels helps us target and engage the audience around specific stores and regions

The program launched on mobile phones and desktops across Canada, geo-located around specific salon locations. Website messaging was altered according to the area the visitor was coming from. We had different incentives, headlines, emails and other features customize the website instantly.

Over 40% of website subscribers shared the program on social media helping us reach even more qualified audiences. We incentivized

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