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Working with Master Mechanic is a pleasure. Open dialogue, regular contact and continuous improvement keeps our relationship strong.

Master Mechanic is a diverse client with many franchise locations; Surround helps with both their national and local marketing. Surround works with head office on core Brand initiatives while working closely with individual Franchise Owners to implement accountable local marketing programs that help them get more customers and measurable results.

Optimizing the Website for the Search Engine was the first step

Search engines are at the heart of integrated marketing. People use search engines to find everything they need and we wanted Master Mechanic to rank very high under specific key terms. We are happy to write that our Content Marketing and Search Engine efforts have yielded great returns, we are the #1 listed mechanic across Ontario Canada on Google and Apple Maps. If you need a mechanic, we are #1.

Every franchise owner stars in their own marketing, and the customers get a very personal experience online.

We brought the owners and managers out of the shop and into our local advertising. You will see the owner on thousands of websites, in direct mail and hear them on the radio. Your mechanic is featured in your city. By working closely with both the head office and the franchise owners, Surround is able to fully understand the needs of the whole company and can help build more inclusive marketing programs that get better results.

Radio is a great way to extend the message. Surround customized radio commercials that bring the owners to the airwaves.

Radio is integrated into annual marketing and advertising plans and will continue to be a driver of great Brand awareness for Master Mechanic. Click on the button to hear the latest radio spot.

New Target Audience reached through Videos and YouTube.

Utilizing Videos and using YouTube to feature the videos introduced a new audience to Master Mechanic. Not only are videos a very effective channel to deliver your message in an engaging and action driven way, but, the targeting functionality on YouTube is robust. These two videos: The Confessional and Car Love were targeted to people who were searching online using car maintenance related keywords. They’ve received over 180,000 views to date and counting and 94,291 minutes of viewing - an engaged, qualified and receptive potential customer.

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