Working with Quadra Chemicals has been the definition of integrated marketing. Print, Digital, Design, Strategy.

Quadra Chemicals has been working with Surround for over a year with some large brand initiatives that required detailed coordination of a complex operation.

Unifying multiple marketing channels in both the online and offline space helps Quadra get the most return on their marketing dollars.

Using Content and Design, we delivered a relevant, current and credible annual Sustainability Report that helped Quadra maintain their status as a global expert in their field, increasing their brand awareness, share of voice and positioning them as the authority on the Canadian marketplace for international relationships.

The printed book aligned perfectly with their event calendar as the vehicle to deliver their message in those forums, while the digitally enhanced version integrated into their website made certain every visitor was exposed to their message.

6 owned facilities, 40 stocking locations, over 300 people and 1 master calendar.

There is an abundance of content material to gather from one end of the country to the other that is providing the framework for our current initiative with Quadra that includes video, website design and SEO.

Managing the logistics of an initiative of this scale requires strong Account Management, a well defined end goal, constant and consistent communication with your client. To date, our experience tells us that when you involve people in your project from a vast array of locations, responsibilities and backgrounds invest the time to share with them what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll be surprised at the commitment to your project. Stay tuned for the finished product coming in 2016.

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