Combining Content Marketing with Traditional PR and Social Media Relations

Surround developed 2 different content pieces for this campaign and reached out to the Rubbermaid community to provide their feedback. As a result of the feedback we created 22 pieces of original content that were used to generate thousands of images, videos, stories from Rubbermaid community members.

We generated 25% of the global Rubbermaid social media following in less than 60 days!

Rubbermaid All Access is a truly smart product. It was exciting to come up with the launch program for Rubbermaid. Surround partnered with Footprint PR to create a team that could drive awareness and sales across Canada. Our team effort was noticed by Newell Brands across North America.

Community members quickly engaged and shared thousands of stories.

We encouraged community members to participate and were astonished to get almost 1,000 unique stories with images of organizational nightmares. Over 2,300 people took part in the contest by uploading unique videos, written stories, or photographs.

Surround deeply engaged the community of people with personal stories, videos, photos, contests and interaction. We had a great time making the content that the community wanted to see.

Ambushing the corner of Yonge and Dundas Toronto at rush hour for a guerrilla game show

We drove up in a white van and pulled on the side of the road - luckily we had our trusty film permits. We set up our game show and began taking contestants. View the videos below for the All Access Challenge.

The game lasted hours and got the attention of thousands of people. Over over 250 contestants participated in the All Access Challenge where they had to flip a coin and race to see who could find the hidden object the fastest. Lots of fun, lots of recognition for All Access.

We helped Rubbermaid rank higher on Google with mad skills

Multiple content and marketing styles were used as we executed the program. We adjusted the requirements and approach as we executed the campaign, using community feedback to influence our next content idea. This content was weaved into multiple online properties, enabling us to capture top Google rank under our competitive keywords. SEO took over in days instead of months.

The Statistics

The All Access campaign was centralized on Facebook, with branches into YouTube, Vine, Twitter, and Google+. The program was planed and executed to attract a female audience in the ages of 35-54. Take a look at the stats and see how well targeted you can get using free Facebook tools.

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