Softron, a business that is traditionally driven by strong seasonality curves, is a client that came to us with some unique business objectives. Working with Jake has truly been a partnership - a balance of innovation, ideas and collaboration.

Softron Tax is a client that tasked us with three primary objectives. How do they optimize the high volume tax season to increase sales, software downloads and awareness; how can they increase and maintain a presence during the off-season and they needed a much stronger way to measure results that were, most importantly - actionable.

It’s Tax Season: Did you know Softron has over 30 locations in Ontario? You do now.

One of the first initiatives Surround undertook was creating, building and developing an intuitive Location Finder for the Softron website. They had done a good job of driving traffic to their website during tax season but the conversion rates were low and there was a fantastic opportunity to tell visitors they have over 30 locations. In addition to introducing the locations themselves, we also wanted to leverage that fantastic network of franchises by creating unique home pages for each one. These efforts have increased Organic traffic to the site by over 2% in just a few short months and hit an all time high of business generated to their locations - both efforts leading to an interactive and positive experience with their customers. An overall increase of traffic by 11% driven to their location sites.

It’s May, now what?

There is so much more to Softron than tax preparation. The scope of services offered by Softron that serve a broad audience and meet a market demand presented upside to all key metrics in the off season. What about Debt Consolidation, Death & Taxes or the whole DIY (Do It Yourselfer’s) - expertise that Softron has and Surround identified as areas to expand with a fully integrated, digital marketing approach. Creating a digital marketing campaign using more targeted keywords for SEO (the more targeted your SEO campaign, the better the result) and supported by online banner ads and social media introduced a new vertical that Softron can own and now lead.

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