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Working with TeraGo is always exciting and ever evolving. Our work has covered many areas from events to advertising to web design.

TeraGo came to Surround with the need to be more digital-centric. Wide open to new ideas and opportunities - it's been up to us to present the roadmap and to execute the projects. Surround has worked to provide a very diverse range of services, see below.

A new website brought a whole new vitality to the business

As TeraGo grew and acquired more and more companies, they needed a new website to show off their accomplishments and grow with them as they made more business moves around North America. Surround redeveloped the site for all screens and helped TeraGo prepare content, artwork, plans, images and more. We are very happy with the outcome.

Content Marketing is at the core of the plan

Using shareable content helps communicate to a target audience who may not be ready to buy. This content gives us permission to speak to potential customers more regularly and helps us stay top of Mind. We need to do more than advertise and sell, we need to help customers throughout the buying process.

Brining the TeraGo experience to customers and media across Canada

Surround worked tirelessly beside TeraGo to set up and execute two a Data Centre launch in Toronto and in Vancouver Canada. The events featured the TeraGo CEO, exclusive Data Centre tours, and so much more. Both were bustling and exciting filling up with Media, clients and new prospects. Both events were trending on Twitter for the whole afternoon!

Digital Display Media helps build Brand Awareness and is used to retarget website visitors who view specific products.

When buying media for such a niche audience, we have to be careful to target very precisely. Using advanced digital media tools, we are able to pinpoint the ideal customer and send an ad to their phone or computer at just the right time. You need data to execute this and we are continually gathering data and getting better at driving new customers to TeraGo.

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