The Glenerin Inn

One of our first clients, the Glenerin Inn has been growing with us for years, and there is much more to come.

When we first met the good people at the Glenerin Inn, we were introduced to an exquisite experience hidden in the middle of Mississauga. The unique architecture and natural environment of the Inn give it a class unseen inside or around the city. Together we have worked to build the presence of the Inn both online and off line in order to increase awareness and drive revenues.

Building the Digital Footprint is key for smaller businesses - you need people to see you

As we grow with the Glenerin, we command more presence in our key channels online. The online presence developed for the Inn has resulted in a 30% increase to targeted web traffic and a whopping 146% increase in online goal conversions. Together with the team at Glenerin, we are driving sales in Weddings, Meetings, Dinners, and Hotel Rooms.

Targeted local digital marketing is essential to renting rooms and generating sales leads

Local digital marketing has many components, not all of which are required for every business. Today's internet offers the opportunity to locally optimize your business for free. Every website and tool you need to list your website in Google and other websites is free. You just need to know what sites and how to use them.

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