Xtreme Tire Garage

We love working along side Jason and the team at Xtreme. Our work covers many areas from digital to direct mail.

Xtreme has a complex location off the beaten path so it's essential that Surround position local media everywhere within 5km of the store so that people know it's there. We partnered with Xtreme on local digital marketing and website development and worked to integrate other marketing partners into the program so it all speaks the same language.

Surround made Xtreme a new website that truly represents the business and helps them better communicate to their customers.

The new Xtreme website is packed with information and interactive services. Surround integrated outside content providers into the site so there is a constant stream of updated, relevant content on products and services Xtreme offers. The website is fully equipped and optimized to show up in search engines and to work on all screens.

Local Digital Media is Synced with Local Direct Mail to deliver stellar results.

Surround is partnered with DRMG who is one of Canada Post's largest customers. We can get the mail out on time and perfectly sync it with the digital marketing spend. All ads online hit the same homes and phones as the direct mail, enabling Xtreme to have targeted presence where it matters most.

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